Compared to an ordinary atlas, the Fluchtatlas does not represent freedom, but the unfree human beings who are forced to leave their homes. Through the chapters Heimat (Home), Flucht (Escape) and Schutz (Protection) the reader accompanies the refugees on their seemingly endless way to freedom. Clear graphics explain the dimension of the problem, while emotional pictures and individual cases break the clarity to create empathy.

Our project is based on interviews with refugees and comprehensive research. It is supposed to present a general view of this global problem, eliminate prejudices and help understanding the situation of refugees. The book won several prices, exhibitions and talks were organized and in summer 2016 it got published.

editorial-, and
graphic design
with laura markert
and yvonne moser
student project

publicated by 
büchergilde gutenberg

chapter 1 | home

chapter 2 | flight

chapter 3 | refuge

thanks to all the people who supported this projects and trusted us with their stories. thanks to our professor christoph barth, our publisher büchergilde gutenberg and cosima schneider.